About Our Students

Shepherds students are ambitious teenagers who, with their families, recognize the need to look beyond the resources of the public school system and seek the greater opportunities that a more structured high school education and the support of a mentor can bring them.

Shepherds students come from a myriad of ethnic, economic, religious and family backgrounds.

The ethnic breakdown of the Shepherds student body is approximately 60% African American, 30% Hispanic, 7% Caucasian and 3% Other.


Each Shepherds student takes responsibility for their relationship with their mentor and makes a commitment to work to achieve their potential.

Each year Shepherds students sign a student contract agreeing to comply with standards of the Program. This Student Contract includes the criteria for participation in the Program and specific academic and attendance goals.

Mid-year and at the end of the academic year, each student’s record is reviewed with the school and his or her mentor to assure progress toward our mutual goal of successful high school graduation and, more importantly, setting out a vision and plan for future success.

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