College Prep & Life Skills

Shepherds provides students with a comprehensive range of extracurricular life skills training and college preparatory program, to arm them with the resources needed not only to gain college acceptance but also to be successful adults in their own right.

Generous corporate and individual Shepherds sponsors underwrite these programs, so there is no additional expense for the student or their family.


  • Study and Organizational Skills Workshop: A compulsory workshop for incoming freshman at Kolbe, this 10 week, 1-hour workshop focuses on organization, time management, note-taking and study skills.
  • Social Skills Workshops: The six week, 1-hour workshop, primarily for second year students, focuses on helping our young people establish professional etiquette, including: table manners, how to compose thank you notes, email and cell phone etiquette and conversational sessions to foster a more formal approach to language.
  • Cultural Enrichment Activities: We schedule a series of cultural enrichment activities, including museum visits, exposure to theater and live sporting events which students are encouraged to attend with their mentors.


  • Tailored Online Academic Help: Through our partnership with Khan Academy, we provide our students with tailored, online academic help which targets their individual weaknesses and helps boost their skills for overall college readiness.
  • Intensive STEM Achievement Camps: Our achievement camps, which take place over the summer, focus on boosting our students’ reading comprehension and math skills, using fun, 21st century curricula combining Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.


  • SAT Prep: TEST PREP was retained by Shepherds to conduct 10-week sessions for Shepherds Juniors, on-site at Kolbe in Bridgeport and Notre Dame of West Haven. Attendance is mandatory. Each student is required to take two proctored SAT practice tests and attend a two and a half hour session for the duration of a 10-week period. Shepherds staff oversees these sessions to ensure student attendance.
  • College Visits and “Off to College” Workshops: Shepherds works with college admissions counselors to facilitate group visits and information sessions at different colleges. Transportation is fully funded by institutional grants. We also provide “Off to College” workshops which helps our students come to terms with what to expect once they get to college.


  • Interview Technique Workshops: This program is made possible by our corporate sponsor and volunteers. Shepherds students are coached on the most effective interviewing techniques as per Human Resource professionals.
  • Corporate Introductions: Through partnerships with key corporate sponsors, Shepherds provides the opportunity for upper classmen to experience shadowing a professional at their corporate offices for a day. As a result, our students gain insight into corporate life, leadership values and skills and are exposed to different professional careers. The program opens the doors for future internships as well. A rigorous application process is required.