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Shepherds provides four ways to join in our mission of “Changing Lives….One Student at a Time.”


This is the largest and most traditional of the Shepherds Mentor/student relationships. Over 60% of our Shepherds Mentors provide substantial support to Shepherds which helps underwrite the full Shepherds program of tuition support, mentoring and programming activities and many supplemental academic and life skill programs.

It’s important to note that the schools themselves also contribute financial aid to many Shepherds students based on need and availability of funding and likewise expect families themselves to contribute financially within their means to the student’s tuition expense.


Shepherds welcomes individuals who seek to participate but may not have the time available to commit to being a Shepherds Mentor. Financial support for an individual student or group of students is always an option. Shepherds will then pair the student with a Mentor who contributes their time.

Shepherds Sponsor are kept informed of their student’s or students’ progress via periodic updates from Shepherds staff and, if desired, may have access to student curricula and grades on-line.


A Shepherds Mentor commits his or her time to guiding and influencing positive results for a Shepherds student. Typically, Shepherds Mentors commit to contacting their student at least once a week via telephone or email and visiting in-person once a month during the academic year and then less regularly during the summer months.

While the role of a Mentor assumes funding of the student’s participation in the Shepherds Program may be underwritten by a Shepherds Sponsor, Shepherds strongly encourages Mentors to make a financial commitment of some amount to help support the many mentoring and other supplemental activities Shepherds offers and supports.

Very often Mentors also work for companies that provide generous matching gifts to organization to which the employee makes both a time and financial commitment. Double your impact!


Shepherds also provides many opportunities for foundations, trusts, corporate and community funds to help ensure all of the academic and college prep needs of Shepherds students are met.

Foundations and institutional sponsors can specify funding special supplemental academic programs, career days, college preparatory workshops, financial education, and community-based service initiatives.

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