How to Apply

Shepherds, in partnership with the high schools, seeks to identify those eighth grade students who meet the qualifications to be admitted to the high school, possess the family and social dynamics where a mentor can add value, and, most importantly, have demonstrated motivation and potential to succeed.

Candidates for the Shepherds program are students who have the desire as well as the basic skills to graduate high school and go on to higher education if given the opportunity and financial support to succeed.

In order to qualify to be part of the Shepherds program, students must first apply and be accepted into one of the Shepherds partner schools.

For information on admissions to our Partner schools, click one of the links below:

Kolbe Cathedral High School
Notre Dame High School – West Haven

Once the student is accepted into the partnership school, the school guidance counselors will recommend a student based on the criteria below:

  • Demonstration of financial need as determined by the partnership school Admissions and Administration staff
  • Recommendations from middle school guidance counselors that the student would significantly benefit from a mentoring relationship for the full four years.

If the student is referred to Shepherds, Shepherds makes a decision whether to send a Shepherds application to be completed by the potential candidate and their family.

Once the Shepherds application is received back and reviewed, the potential candidate student and his or her parents or guardian may be asked to meet with the Shepherds Student team for an in-person interview.

The Shepherds Student team then evaluates students based on all the above information and meeting.

The selection process strives to offer as many qualified and deserving students as possible the opportunity to become a Shepherds student. Regrettably, we are unable to select as many qualified students as are deserving, but we work with our school partners to consider all fairly and objectively.