Measures of Success

Shepherds has a 17-year track record of “Changing Lives… One Student at a Time.”

  • To date, over 200 students have earned their high school diplomas, with well over 90% moving on to enroll in institutions of higher learning.
  • In recent years, 100% of our Shepherds graduates have earned college acceptances as well as ample financial aid/scholarship support to attend. Shepherds and school-coordinated financial aid workshops help families successfully navigate the financial assistance system to make college more accessible.

“Having a mentor helps me through life at school. He helps with my work. He keeps me on track. He makes me be the best I can be.”

  • The Shepherds’ Class of 2013 and 2014 saw a rise in SAT scores on the Reading and Verbal portions by an average of 17.8% and 18.9% respectively. In coordination with our partner schools and also by enlisting outside professionals, Shepherds College Prep Programs help our students become more confident when taking standardized examinations and ultimately more successful.
  • With the aid of the Shepherds Sponsor/Mentor relationship, these students become pioneers as they often become the first generation in their families to graduate high school with the opportunity for a college education.
  • Many former Shepherds students return to their community after college and volunteer to mentor the next generation of Shepherds students.