CHANGING LIVES… ONE STUDENT AT A TIME. Shepherds empowers inner-city Connecticut youth to build a foundation for success by providing a college-preparatory education at a non-public high school, academic and life skills, and the positive role model and support of a Shepherds Mentor.

Education is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Jonathan is the embodiment of the Shepherds’ belief that education is the gift that keeps on giving – long after they graduate our program. He is a 2005 alumnus of Notre Dame West Haven High School and the Shepherds program. He has also given back to our program by becoming a mentor himself. Jonathan continues […]

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Not Enough Students Have Mentors – That Needs to Change

“Too many young people are left in the lurch, wandering aimlessly in a professional wilderness. No one succeeds on their own. The myth of individual exceptionalism, that truly motivated people can pull themselves up by their boot straps, obscures how people really get ahead — with the assistance of others.” Read more about this issue: […]

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Shepherds and NDWH Alumnus Helps in COVID Fight

A substantial number of Shepherds alumni go into health care-related fields upon graduation from college. Doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, biomedical engineers, mental health professionals, and medical researchers are some of the many careers our graduates have pursued.  The Shepherds is immensely proud of these men and women who have used the gift of their education […]

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Shepherds students are ambitious teenagers who, with their families, recognize the advantage in looking beyond the resources of their local public school system and support network. Read more.


Shepherds sponsors and mentors change lives, one student at a time. By mentoring students and funding their education, they greatly increase a student’s ability to succeed. Read more.


There are many ways trusts, foundations, corporate and community funds can partner with Shepherds: funding tuition, sponsoring supplemental programs and hosting career days. Read more.


Shepherds partners with private schools that offer college prep curricula at a manageable cost to students seeking greater challenges in a disciplined and structured environment. Read more.