Mentor Resources

Shepherds provides multiple resources to help mentors, existing and new, develop the skills to make the Shepherds Mentoring experience be as rewarding as possible for both the student and the Mentor.

Some of the resources include:

Mentoring Committee – Chaired by Shepherds Mentor Committee Chairperson, this Committee guides the overall training and support of the Shepherds Mentor community.

Mentor Coaches – New mentors are assigned a veteran mentor coach to help your efforts.

Closed Facebook Account – Shepherds has a closed and private Facebook forum where mentors can share thoughts and ideas. If you are a mentor, please email and request an invitation.

Monthly eNewsletters – These contain general information, upcoming events, ideas for individual enrichment activities.

Breakfasts and Lunches – Shepherds can help facilitate having breakfast or lunch with your student during school hours.

Events – We hold a number of events throughout the year open to mentors and their students.

Reports – Mentors have access to schools’ online report/grading systems (Edline at Kolbe Cathedral High School, PowerSchool at Notre Dame of West Haven). Shepherds also sends out progress reports for students.

Website/Facebook – Be sure and follow our Facebook page for various updates and upcoming events.

Other and Student Sponsor Partners are both outside resources that focus on mentoring.

Mentors may contact Shepherds staff or members of the Mentoring Committee with any questions.


10 Qualities of an Effective Mentor

Download PDF


Websites to Help Your Mentee Boost Problem Areas (for Free)

Khan Academy
MIT Open Course Ware


Online Tutorials to help Learn Proper Grammar and Style:

The Library Spot


Helpful Phone Numbers

Kolbe Cathedral Guidance Counselors:
Sarah Mastrone, Juniors/Seniors – (203) 335-2554, ext. 15 –
Sarah Menard, Freshmen/Sophomores – (203) 335-2554, ext. 16 –

Notre Dame Guidance Counselors:
Rosemary Reynolds, Guidance Director – (203) 933-1673 ext. 234 –
Dominick Mastriano, Math Guidance – (203) 933-1673, ext. 231 –